Animal Artistry by Beverly Osborne
Commissioned portraits of your creatures from your photos or mine.
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Dear Fellow Pet-Lovers:

I know you love that fluffy little kitty or that chipper, pint-sized Chihuahua that thinks he is as big as anybody. These adorable pets have become as much a part of your family as if they were your own children. Unfortunately, they do not stay with us as long as we would like. I know you have pictures but, sooner or later, they get stuck in a drawer or fade with time. A portrait is forever.

All I need are a few pictures, a written description of their coloring (fur and eyes), and a narrative about their personalities. I can reproduce an exact likeness of your pet with that special look in his/her eyes that say, “You’re home, you’re home!” or “Don’t touch me; I’ll let you know when I am ready”. Or, those big beautiful eyes of a hound dog that always say, “I love you” or that little Spitz that seems to be saying, “Don’t touch my mistress or I will bite your butt”. I can paint your pet’s eyes looking off to the side or that will follow you around the room wherever you are.

I started drawing horses when I was three years old and never stopped. I have drawn and painted almost every species of dog and cat, other domestic creatures, wildlife, and marine animals. I have been commissioned to paint murals, design stain-glass windows, and once was hired to paint animals all over an entire car. The only thing I haven’t painted is my house, which is a job I commissioned to my husband and kids.

I have an Associate Degree in Arts, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Science Education, and a Master of Arts Degree in Biology and Ecology Education. I have taught biology, microbiology, oceanography, and genetics in two colleges. I worked at the Kennedy Space Center as an Environmental Biologist and worked closely with Walt Disney World.

I have attended and/or held workshops or roundtable discussions relating to the Florida National Park System, National Sea Turtle Program, Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission, Song Birds, Local, State, and Federal Humane Societies, and Florida Waterways and Trees. I have worked with veterinarians, assisted in surgery, and performed minor surgery myself.

I have entered and won many art competitions and received many awards for my volunteer services. I also have donated artwork to raise money for wildlife refuges that several wealthy and famous people, such as Tippi Hedren, have established.

Most of my work is in pastel on velour board. Watercolor is on Arches 140 lb. or 300 lb. hot press 100% rag paper. Pen and ink and pencil are drawn on a heavy Bristol board or a stipple paper. My acrylics are on gessoed, tempered masonite or wood. The commissioned pieces can be any of the above. If the person doesn’t have a preference, I suggest the media I feel would be best.

Beverly Osborne
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